Born out of necessity.

Established in 2007

TakeMyTests - Our History

We get it – you are busy. So we’ll keep it brief but informative and try not to bore you along the way!

Take My Tests has been established since the late months of 2007 – around the time when the global recession of 2007 begun. With the supply of candidates far outstripping the number of vacancies, employers were forced to use an objective and efficient way to review thousands of applications into manageable numbers. With the growth of psychometric tests and limited time for candidates to prepare, TakeMyTests was born.

Take My Tests has constantly grown to serve more test providers and test types. Initially TakeMyTests took psychometric tests for the essential test provider – SHL. But with the explosion of psychometric test providers expanding from SHL, CEB and Talent Central, TakeMyTests.co.uk has invested heavily in a versatile and breadth of professional test takers. We leave nothing to chance. A lost job opportunity is as good as losing a salary – if not more, due to lost industry experience.

With phenomenal growth in demand for TakeMyTests services, we have vetted the finest professions to form bespoke teams of Experts to meet your test requirements. Be it test providers such as: SHL, Talent Q, Korn Ferry, cut-e, Kenexa or CAPP and test types like: Numerical, Verbal, Logical Reasoning Tests or Immersive tests, we have you covered.

TakeMyTests is practical – time is limited and a scarce resource. You just do not have enough time to prepare, have other commitments or panic under the unnecessary level of pressure during psychometric tests. Or simply put, you just want professional experts to take your psychometric tests and put your feet up!

TakeMyTests Core Team

Names and faces have been changed. We’re sure you can understand our reasons for this.

Mark Gullivan

Mark has been with TakeMyTests since its roots. Mark is one of the most experienced test taker and has a 100% pass rate for TakeMyTests. Mark is a specialist in SHL Numerical Reasoning Tests and TalentQ Numerical Reasoning Tests and has the competence to obtain full marks with ease.

David Hays

David has served TakeMyTests for several years. Bringing his 6 years of industry experience as a HR director, David knows exactly the skills and traits required to pass Situational Judgment Tests and Personality Questionnaire Tests.

Antonis Gulliver

Antonis is a highly academic individual. Having won several competitions and olympiads, Antonis is a formidable Take My Tests test taker – equipped with exceptional technical skills. Antonis has a multitude breadth of certifications and PhD’s and he claims “failing is not term in his dictionary!”

Vikrant Kumar

Vikrant is a relatively new recruit to TakeMyTests. However, his contribution has been highly influential in the strategy and direction of TakeMyTests. Vikrant is a specialist in augmenting the entire framework of TakeMyTests to ensure encryption and security measures are robust – with 0% risk of ‘getting caught’ in taking your tests.

TakeMyTests in numbers

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